User Profile Migration - Windows 7

We are currently looking for a solution to migrate user data from one PC to another. Our PC's are leased and have to be replaced every few years. We have over 400 locations in rural parts of North America. Only a handful of these locations (20 maybe) have servers at the location. We have a hub and spoke network. All traffic comes back to the corporate office before being routed to the internet.

With all of that said, we are looking for a more efficient way to migrate user data from an old PC to a new PC when a user receives a new PC. Here are a couple of options we have explored--

  • Configure some sort of cloud repository (Azure, AWS, etc) where we can backup user profiles and download them to the new machine once it is received.
  • Purchase NAS devices or small servers for the locations and backup all user data to those devices. Download the data to the new machine when it arrives.
  • Enable roaming profiles (Active Directory) for users who are having their machines replaced. Sync the profile data to the roaming profile share. Download the roaming profile to the new machine when it arrives. Disable the user from using roaming profiles after they have initially downloaded the profile. Of course, this download will occur over our WAN.
  • Write a robocopy script and run as a scheduled task to backup all profiles on all PC's at a location and store them on a share on one PC at the location. New PC's could download the profile data from that PC when the new PC's arrive.

We are trying to keep from hammering our WAN when moving the user data which is a problem since we're a hub and spoke network. Most of the locations have PC's only so it becomes a challenge to move user data on the locations LAN only. We have looked at using Microsoft's MDT and USMT to transfer user data, but we're concerned it will be too cumbersome to the end user and cause more Help Desk calls as a result of confusion.

Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this? Any advice would be appreciated. As of now, our two most likely options to test are roaming profiles and cloud repositories.



Prepare the new machine and send it to the user, and ask him to plug it to a second port. Ask him to leave both started and migrate the data (with a simple copy)

We do that at my job, but we have an Exchange, thus except some work document and IE favorite, their is nothing much to save. (and we push most of the application too)

The only thing that some user hate is the outlook autocomplete for email, you need a special intervention to copy it as its saved locally outside of the exchange.

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