Users ignore filled in input fields, outdated info pour in

We have a form on our loan application page, on which we take personal and work related information from loan applicants.

Users who fill the form are logged in, so we know who they are and fill input fields beforehand with current user data recorded on our database.

However, we find out that some part of the user info we pre-fill on forms are outdated, such as work telephone number and work address. But we learn whether it is outdated or not, just after the form is submitted, when we try calling employers of the applicant.

Our assumption is that, the outdated information is a result of users neglecting pre-filled form fields.

So we are to decide, to continue with prefilled fields and finding a UI solution to make people feel the urge to review and update prefilled fields if necessary, or empty some fields (work info) and require users to type their work phone number and address during application if the user's data on our database is older than, say 12 months or so, which looks like huge effort for the applicants whose work info is already up-to-date and while we are trying to make our application process simpler, shorter in general.

What is your suggestion?


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