Using an alias on my domain. How do I tell Google that I want it to only index the alias to avoid duplicate content?

I am starting a music blog at That URL is an alias shared with which is just a domain I happen to have hosting with but is unused. In the future I may want to develop a site at as a portfolio site but for now I have that I want to use with my hosting.

At first I had forwarding to and masking that URL so visitors would only ever see but the URL never changed when people navigated and not having unique URLs is bad for many reasons. I also tried that because it would allow me to be able to develop sites at both and /domain1. However, the unique URL thing is an issue. So I ditched that idea and I created an alias. Great! Now I have unique URLs. However now the same content displays at both and Not great.

My question is how do I tell Google that for the content that is at to index that site and don't credit so I avoid duplicate content issues?

Do I add this to the config file?

RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [NC,L,R=301] 


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