Using two conditions with a SUMIF function in Excel 2003

For a given row on Sheet1, I use the SUMIF function to see if the value from the first cell of that row is on a list of historical values in Sheet2.

That will basically summarize all the values on my historical sheet and group them by my A1 cell name on Sheet2.

I need a second condition so that I can group rows by month also, and the SUMIF does not seem to allow for a second condition or an AND to concatenate a second clause.



Dates are in column B

Rows are 5:29

historical list in a range name 'Historical'

Month to test is in a range name 'rngMonth'


Try to add another SUMIF function which excludes those cells which you don't want to be SUMMed up & remove it from the main SUMIF.

e.g. SUMIF(all cells which fits large criteria) - SUMIF(all cells which are part of small criteria).

Alternate: on the sheet with historical data, add a column that concatenates the two columns you want to use as the combined conditions. For example, suppose one condition column is range-named "Month", the other condition column is range-named "PersonName":

The new column contains the following formula:

=Month&" "&PersonName

Name this column (for example, "Criteria") then use that range name in the SUMIF. For example:

=SUMIF(Criteria,"January Biff",ValsToBeSummed)

Use array formulas like this:


Basically you nest your IF statements inside a SUM statement, then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to make it an array formula.

Introduction to Array Forumulas (as posted by Jon Fournier) is also good resource on this.

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