UWP create automated screenshots of App

is there a way to create automated Screenshots from a c# UWP app? I need the images for documentation, as UI and elements are changing from time to time. I would like to automate this process, something like a Coded UI Test maybe. But I do not know on how to achieve that.

In the end I want something to run the app, navigate to certain (predefined) pages, take a screenshot from that page and save that screenshot with the name of the page into a folder.

Then for the documentation process, I can just take the pictures out of that folder, batch resize it via IrfanView and put it into my documentation folder, that creates a documentation with the latest screenshots of the app.

Advantage: The user has always up-to-date images of the application and is not confused by elements showing or not showing, due to images of an old state of the app.

Disadvantage: I do not know, how to do that.


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