Value and pricing: How much would you charge in this case

I just spent a couple hours helping a client out with something. Question for you: Should I charge for a couple of hours?

Of course not.

The client asked me for help for the following reasons:

– Their internal person has been unable to do this project for 4 weeks.

– This same person acknowledged that she would have needed 3 days to do the work that took me 2 hours to do.

– By doing what I did, the client is set up to receive at least hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding.

So what would you charge in this case? Do you cave in too often and charge by the hour instead of your value?

(By the way, I am charging nothing for this work. This client has a major project coming up, and I used these 2 hours as an investment to build the relationships. We have been working together for some time, they have been a great client, and I am willing to forego a couple of highly valuable hours to secure a fun, high-paying and long-term project coming up). Curve ball!


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