VBA Cannot See innerText

I have trouble seeing "innerText" of an item using this code. Please see my comment in below code where innerText is empty. Thanks in advance for your help.

Private Function Get_Web_Content(ByRef URL As String)  Set xml_request = New XMLHTTP60  xml_request.Open "GET", URL, False xml_request.send If xml_request.readyState = 4 And xml_request.Status = 200 Then     Set hDoc = New MSHTML.HTMLDocument     hDoc.body.innerHTML = xml_request.responseText End If  Set tags = hDoc.getElementsByTagName("section") For Each t In tags     If t.ID = "postingbody" Then         'The i.innerText is empty" even though          'I saw it in the hDoc.body.innerHTML when I print it out         Find_Address(t.innerText, "951"))     End If Next t End Function 


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Tags: vba

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