Verify $\frac{a_{20}}{a_{20}+b_{20}}$ in Mathematica, May help me?

The solution of $\frac{a_{20}}{a_{20}+b_{20}}$ is $-39$ from the recursive system of equations :

\begin{cases} a_{n+1}=-2a_n-4b_n \\ b_{n+1}=4a_n+6b_n\\ a_0=1,b_0=0 \end{cases}

This is taken from $2007$ GATE entrance exam in India.

How I can check or verify this solution that comes from 2007-GATE Exam with Mathematica? Is there any toolbox in this software that can calculated about the above equation? (at least can I see this code online, I didn't have this software)?


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