Video driver lines and blue screen

After installing Windows 10 onto my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, I had to manually install a driver for the Radeon X300 video card. (The X300 does not have compatible drivers so I used a different model's driver as suggested by other users with this card).

This worked flawlessly for exactly 2 days. Then I booted up to find the screen showing vertical lines and windows loads to a blank screen.

Using safe mode I was able to set the driver back to Microsoft basic display driver. Windows displays fine (although wrong resolution) but various vertical lines are still present on all the bootup screens.

If I reinstall the first driver, windows blue-screens with a video malfunction.

Did the driver damage the video card itself, or was this a coincidence in timing and it would have died anyway?

There are no lines in windows while using the basic driver, does this mean the card is not damaged and there is something I could do to fix it?


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