Viewing just one div from an html page

I am speaking from the perspective of the end-user. Suppose I am visiting a website, which has a log divs. Most of them are displaying ads, menus, etc. but one of them is displaying the main content of the page.

Is there a way, in which I the user, using my browser, or some other tools such as Firebug etc, can view just that one div?


I believe you could use Greasemonkey to write a script for that particular website, essentially modifying the HTML on the fly. This seems to be similar example.

To add on to @erikxiv's suggestion to use GreaseMonkey and JavaScript, I sought out a specific solution to your example. I asked the community over at StackOverflow for some help and jfriend00's answer works great: Set `display: none` recursively except for within a specific element

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