Visual Composer Post Grid Filter position and markup

I am trying to alter the position that the filter appears for posts grids and also alter the markup of the filter but am so far unable to do so.

Simple Set Up

This is how I have created my post grid and filter.

  1. Create page
  2. Add Visual Compser element 'Post Grid'
  3. In Post Grid settings check 'Show Filter'

Position of Filter

It seems that the filter gets added to $output in plugins/js_composer/include/classes/shortcodes/vc-basic-grid.php in private function renderItems (around line 255).

How can I override this class and function to change where the filter is added (for instance moving the filter to after the grid items)?

Filter Markup

It looks like the markup for the filter should be in plugins/js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes/vc_basic_grid_filter.php. Indeed, if I edit this file the markup of the filter changes (I know this is not good practice - read on). However, unlike other files in this directory, if I copy this file to mytheme/vc_templates/ it does not get overridden.

So how can I override this file in order to change the markup?


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