VMware iSCSI controller unreachable + slow connection

I'm building a vmware ESXi labor for my thesis with a main and within that 2 nested ESXI's. Furthemore I created a virtualized NAS on the first level (main hypervisor) to implement iSCSI LUN/targets.

The lvl1 esxi can smoothly connect to the iSCSI LUN's, but the nested one's iSCSI controller is unreachable (dont answer to ping eg.). It's on the same network, i can ping the nested esxi's mgmt address which is on the same vSwitch as the iSCSI controller.

Here is two picture for the lvl1 and lvl2(nested) network setups: VMware iSCSI controller unreachable + slow connection

VMware iSCSI controller unreachable + slow connection

On the other hand, the connection between the NAS and the LvL1 esxi host is just 100Mbit/s, any idea why?


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