VPN windows 7. VPN connects, but no IPv4 connectivity

I have 2 computers running windows 7. I have set up a VPN, the client and server connection gets made. However there is no IPv4 connectivity and I cannot see the files on the server.

I have tried a number of fixes (firewalls turned off, virus software turned off, gateway settings). However I think it is an IP address issue.

At the client end, the IP address is 192.168.2.x

At the server end, the IP address is 10.0.0.x

On the Server for the incoming connection network IPv4 settings I have tried IP address assignments using a range in 10.0.0.x so that is within a range relevant to the server. VPN connects, but no internet access.

I have tried also using IP address assignments at the server end with 192.168.2.x, but this doesn't seem to make a difference = ie. VPN connects, but no internet access.

Is the problem that at the client end the router forces an IP assignment with 192.168.2.x ? And at the server end the network is based around 10.0.0.x .

My modem settings at the client end don't seem to allow me to get out of having a 192.168. . prefix. Could that be the problem?

This is really frustrating, as I have some software with a network licence that I cannot access. Let me know if I should attached IPCONFIG results (is it safe to show all info)?


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