Web Design 2005: Have crystal ball will travel

Well, as the year draws to a close it’s often a time of review, along with predictions of the coming years trends.

While this is sometimes akin to shaving your head, painting a red target on it and handing someone a rubber mallet it (people have uncanny memories when you’re wrong) it’s never less than a great conversation starter.

Forty Media have put together an impressive list of themes, looks, layouts, colors, typography, coding and content management influences for the year ahead.

Most tellingly (IMHO) they are using one the techniques they nominate as one of the big movers of 2005 — Scalable Inman Flash Replacement or sIFR .

Look at the heading and subheadings. Smooth, finely sanded edges and elegant but non-standard fonts. Understated but very classy (disable javascript to see what the text would look like for non-flash browsers).

Lightbulbs (accompanied by that lilting ‘ting!’ sound) will appear over the heads of designers over the coming months as they, as a group, realize that one of the holy tenets of web design – limited font choices – has been fractured, if not quite smashed.

I’m tipping a new wave of font torturing not witnessed since the glory days of David Carson.

Fun times ahead!

  • So, what were your major new influences in 04?
  • What are your predictions for 05?

Let me know your thoughts.


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