Web Directions South: Early Bird Pricing Ending Soon!

The lovely folks at Web Directions have informed me that the Early Bird Pricing for this year’s Web Directions South conference in Sydney has been extended to July 4. If you’re thinking of attending the Australian conference for web professionals in September, then you only have a few days remaining to act.

SitePoint will of course be sending its usual team of orange- and blue-t-shirt-wearing geeks this year, so make sure you come up and say hi.

Hope to see you there!

Web Directions South 2007

September 25-28
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre


With more than 30 leading experts, including a dozen international stars of the web industry, across three tracks, including this year for the first time management and strategy, Web Directions South will focus on the key technology and business issues of the web in 2007. This really is Australia’s premier event for the web industry. Speakers for 2007 include:

  • Andy Clarke: Transcendent CSS
  • Aaron Gustafson: Javascript and Ajax
  • Brian Fling: designing for the mobile web
  • George Oates: user experience design for communities
  • Bert Bos: co-creator of CSS on the future of Web Standards
  • Rashmi Sinha: online communities
  • Adrian Holovaty: making data smart
  • Mark Pesce: commons based peer production

plus many more new and old faces to educate and inspire us all once again this September.

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