Weird: GLX (Mesa) based program crashes unless used via X11-forwarding

I am running Ubuntu with KDE, after upgrade to 16.04 I noticed a weird problem. While most GUI-based programs work fine, one crucial program segfaults in a very strange way.

The program in question is "Discovery Studio Visualizer" from Biovia, which probably nobody ever heard of - but this is not the real problem.

What I don't understand is why this program crashes (segmentation fault - core dumped) when I call it directly from my KDE console terminal. However, if I 're-login' to my own computer via "slogin -X [email protected]" and run the program then, everything works fine. No other changes are involved, I stay within the same terminal window and log into the same account.

The program runs via GLX (Mesa) and makes heavy use of graphics card acceleration. I have two linux boxes with very similar setup: same CPU, same graphics card (nvidia 750Ti), same Ubuntu release, mostly identical packages. On one of the computers, the program runs without any problem, on the other one it requires this weird "slogin -X" voodoo. I checked via ldd, but on both computers the same libraries are used.

Any idea?


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Tags: xorg mesa 16.04

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