WGS84 coordinates to XY

I have a set of coordinates obtained from GPS signals in decimal degrees. These are apparently captured in WGS84 datum. I want to convert these into X and Y. below is a subset.

lon         lat 33.9500167  35.14637 33.94996    35.1463433 33.94999    35.14632 33.9500633  35.1462667 33.9500633  35.1463 33.9500467  35.1462467 33.95004    35.1463333 33.9499167  35.1463533 33.94975    35.1464233 33.94981    35.1464533 33.9500433  35.1463167 

I want to do this probably in R as I do have signals from a few different receivers ending up with thousands of points. I need to get this X,Y values as I want to use it elsewhere in R that does not accept lon/lat cords.


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