What all does "Developer mode" do? Because I'm pretty sure it broke Apache

I built an open source tvOS project on Xcode 7, and it asked to turn on Developer mode. I said yes because there's about 17 other things you're supposed to agree to. There was no explanation I could find as to what it did. I need to know what all the levers and knobs it turns are, and how to undo them.

The following day I have to reboot. Before I reboot everything behaves as it should. After I reboot, a virtual host I run locally doesn't forward it's port... on Chrome. But it will in incognito Chrome, Chrome Canary, and Safari Technology Preview.

At this point I'm pretty sure that "Developer Mode" cause this because that's the only system level thing that's changed. I reset Apache, change my host file, and make a new virtual host in case that's the issue. I also run DevToolsSecurity -disable which is the only thing I can find about turning off Developer Mode.

With those 2 things going on, I can hit the new virtualhost:port (not the old one though), but now I cant go to virtualhost/folder and see the index.html that's there.

I can't do what I'm supposed to do if I can't see the web apps I build.


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