What are simple things I can do to protect my digital identity?

I have taken a big interest in securing my digital info and feel like I have addressed many typical problems. For example:

  • I've gone to full disk encryption on my android phone and linux laptop.
  • My phone requires a pattern to boot or unlock, and can be locked or wiped remotely.
  • I've started using a password manager with strong unique passwords for as many accounts as I can remember having.
  • I've studied password generating and cracking and developed some strong passwords to lock down the services I have to type manually and the password manager; and setup reminders to change them periodically.
  • I've enabled 2-factor authentication for as many websites as have it, for example Google and Amazon
  • I've made sure all my devices are up to date and setup to stay that way.

What are some similar, simple steps to take to protect one's identity?

To keep the scope of this question smaller, I'm looking for a list of technical or behavioral solutions that address common identity theft attacks; I'm not looking for answers broad enough to address phishing, social engineering attacks, physical damage/theft etc. or that are extremely onerous or that protect against extremely unlikely attacks.

I know this question is similar to the closed question here but I've tried to confine my question to a very specific scope.


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