What is the functional programming method for combining two "streams" of data?

I'm trying to figure out what the appropriate way to deal with this problem is in a functional way. I'm assuming there's a functional data structure or technique that will make this easy to handle.

The problem is that I'm making an API call to get two bits of data, I use one in another API call and if that call works then I use the other bit of data in a second API call. I'm having trouble getting that all to flow together. The API calls can fail of course, so they return Either, and I'd like it to be all one long chain, but I can't figure out how to do that.

In an imperative language I'd do this:

let response = apiCall1(); // error handling, return failure  // do some processing on the response let json = getJsonBody(response); let bit1 = json['bit1']; let bit2 = json['bit2'];  let response2 = apiCall2(bit1); // error handling, return failure  let response3 = apiCall3(bit2); // error handling, return failure  return response3 // return success 

If the result from each API call was the input to the next function I'd do something like this:

return apiCall1()    .map(jsonBody)    .map(apiCall2)    .map(jsonBody)    .map(apiCall3) 

So what's the functional way to accomplish this?

apiCall1 ----    |         |    |         |    v         | apiCall2     |    |         |    |         |    v         | apiCall3 <---| 


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