What's wrong with my routing? (Cisco UCS, ASA, SG500)

I have several VLANs exposed from the UCS (end-host mode) over a trunk to the SG500.

dev-switch#sh vlan Created by: D-Default, S-Static, G-GVRP, R-Radius Assigned VLAN, V-Voice VLAN  Vlan       Name           Tagged Ports      UnTagged Ports      Created by ---- ----------------- ------------------ ------------------ ----------------  1           1                             gi1/49-52,Po1-32         V 106     management         gi1/49-52      gi1/1-6,gi1/25-30         S 108      esxi-mgmt         gi1/49-52                                S 109       storage          gi1/49-52                                S 110       inside           gi1/49-52      gi1/7-12,gi1/31-36        S 200         dmz            gi1/49-52      gi1/13-18,                S                                           gi1/37-42 255       uplink                          gi1/19-24,                S                                           gi1/43-48  dev-switch#sh run int gi1/49 interface gigabitethernet1/49  description ucs-trunk  gvrp enable  spanning-tree portfast  switchport trunk allowed vlan add 106,108-110,200  udld port disable 

Additionally, I have a server with 3 NICs plugged into access ports (dmz,inside,management)

The trouble is I can ping some vmware VMs /hosts running on the UCS but not others (internal works, but not esxi-mgmt, sometimes esxi-mgmt works if I ping from the host to the switch sometimes not).

Additionally no hosts can get out to the internet. The ASA is here:

ip default-gateway 

Extra config info:

interface vlan 106  name management  ip address ! interface vlan 108  name esxi-mgmt  ip address ! interface vlan 109  name storage  ip address ! interface vlan 110  name inside  ip address ! interface vlan 200  name dmz ! interface vlan 255  name uplink  ip address 
dev-switch#sh ip route Maximum Parallel Paths: 1 (1 after reset) IP Forwarding: enabled Codes: > - best, C - connected, S - static   S [1/1] via, 07:16:31, vlan 255 C is directly connected, vlan 106 C is directly connected, vlan 108 C is directly connected, vlan 109 C is directly connected, vlan 110 C is directly connected, vlan 255 

I know that's a lot but I feel a bit out of my depth here, maybe I'm just missing something simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Note: I'm pretty sure this whole problem is caused by the SG500 not having proper InterVlan Routing.


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