What tool can I use to convert various formats into icon files?

Are there any good tools for converting .png or .psd or .jpg or .gif into .ico files? A free tool would be a feather in the cap.


ImageMagick should do it: use the convert tool that comes with it: convert -resize 32x32 logo.png logo.ico

If you want a (free) Windows GUI tool, IrfanView is one of my favorites.

http://www.convertico.com/ - upload a PNG and get the ico outputted straight away.

I found Niall's png2ico very easy to use. It supports multiple resolutions in one ICO file and full alpha channel. It's free and for windows.

A stand-alone freeware is available at http://www.winterdrache.de/freeware/png2ico/

A GUI version at http://www.furred.net/produkte/png2ico.aspx

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