Whats the best way to handle and monitor multiple email accounts without using desktop applications such as outlook?

I have many email account on different domains, on gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, and my company email account.
I don't like applications that download my emails on my PC such as outlook, i like to manage them through the browser.
What i am doing now that i open a new browser window and open all my email account in its tabs and keep always this window open.
Is there a better way, can you share you experience.


You can use Gmail to manage your emails. Gmail can send & receive emails from other services (like Yahoo,Live or any Pop3 mail). in Gmail just go to settings>Accounts and Imports and start importing your mails.

You can use your original mail to reply emails, also you can tag your emails to organize better

Simply setup each mail service to forward your mail to one primary email address. For example I forward everything to my gmail.

On each mail service, I will try to mark all incoming as read and forward a copy to my main mail services. That way if I ever need to reply from a specific domain I still can.

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