When closing and opening laptop lid mouse curser is not visible, opening a window it is visible again

Since some days I have a problem with my Laptop. I sometimes close the lid, when I do not need the laptop. The laptop does not power down or standby (set in power options), simply the screen goes off.

When I open the lid again, everything is normal, but: Often the mouse cursor is not visible anymore. The mouse is useable, I can open windows, I can hover over the start button and I see the icon changing, as when the mouse cursor is there. But the cursor is invisible.

When I open the start menu or another explorer window, suddenly the mouse cursor gets visible and everything is normal again.

It started happening some days ago, I do not remember what changed. Certainly nothing to the hardware and nothing to the drivers, as I did not install anything.

Mouse drivers did not change, it is the same on the Tracking Point as on the mouse (Victsing, no driver needed). Fingerpad is disabled and was the last months.

Anybody any clues why this happenes?

Windows 8.1 x64, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Dell M4700


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