When installing Ubuntu in UEFI mode, it asks where to install the boot loader

According to Ubuntu's community documentation,

[...] in a UEFI-mode installation, Ubuntu will not ask you where to install the boot loader. If it does, or if it complains about the lack of a BIOS Boot Partition, you've probably accidentally booted in BIOS/CSM/legacy mode.

However, when I tried installing Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 in the UEFI mode, it asked me to select a disk or a partition for the boot loader. I chose the /boot partition. I do not know if it really installed some "boot loader" to that partition, but it also created /EFI/ubuntu folder on the EFI system partition, and Ubuntu shows up in the UEFI boot menu. When I load Ubuntu, it mounts EFI system partition as /boot/EFI.

Is this an installer bug? If not, how does it agree with the documentation that I quoted?

P.S. This is one of a few anomalies I encountered in trying to set up a multi-boot system, I included more details in my another question.


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