When to add a new table or new column

I have looked at previous questions dealing with New table or new column and When should I use a new table? and a few others. I'm a little confused, not sure if my problem has a different need/solution; so here goes:
I have a table for users with a userid, name, email, etc. This is used for both employees and for customers (at around 800 entries, it is split nearly 50-50).
I have a need to incorporate about 4-6 more columns for just the employees; such as manager, citizenship, office, etc. These would only be used for the employees and not for the customers.
My question is: do I create another table for the employees with those extra columns or do I add those columns to the 'users' table and default to NULL (for customers) in each one?
I thought this was a different situation than the other questions, which is why I posted it. If not, please let me know.
Thank you


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