When would AXI4Lite be a better choice than the APB bus?

I'm working on improving and cleaning up an already functional large FPGA design that has a 64 bit data bus. One of the questions that came up is,

"should we transition all of our busses to AXI4Lite/APB, or should we leave them as they are?"

Some are AXI4Lite and some are APB.

Those on team AXI4Lite argue that many third party FPGA IP blocks use the AXI bus; on the opposing side colleagues suggest that the APB bus may use less resources (FFs and LUTs)--though I have not been able to confirm that.

I am on the side of pick one and stick with it.

What reasons are there to pick one over the other? Are there scenarios when one bus might require more resources than the other? Is there a strong reason to migrate to one over the other?


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