Which algorithms can optimize, reason, learn and decide in a Cognitive Radio?

I want to make a cognitive radio. I read Essentials of Cognitive Radio: quite a nice book to begin with, I now know CR's architecture and I'm going to build my first cognitive engine.

Yet, I'm confused by the quantity of information: I'm a nearly graduated student but they never taught us the basis of machine learning (even if we studied mathematical analysis and statistics).

From the book mentioned above, I summarized the following concept:

A cognitive engine can optimize, reason, learn, decide.

Later in the book, four big topics are introduced:

  • knowledge representation;
  • optimisation techniques;
  • reasoning methods;
  • machine learning approaches.

Then, the book asks the reader a question: "what algorithm(s) will be used for each topic?"

Nice question: will you gentlemen share your knowledge about this matter? Do you have some experience in Cognitive Radio's field? Were some algorithms better than other?

I know the answer could be "it depends on your needs" and this is right: but I'd prefer to hear some opinions first and have at least 2 algorithms for each topic, before starting to work.


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