Who invented WebDriver ThoughtWorks or Google?

It's kind of late asking this question. But reason I'm posting it because information on these two links:

One says that it is Google's product and other says that it ThoughtWorks' product.

It is Google's Product


Who invented WebDriver ThoughtWorks or Google?

It is ThoughtWorks product: Who invented WebDriver ThoughtWorks or Google?


Jason Huggins was the person who invented Selenium RC in 2004 as an Internal Tool at ThoughtWorks.

Latter on when peoples start noticing a lot of cons about Selenium RC (also called Selenium 1) like security, usability etc; So Jason Huggins and his Team met Google in 2007 and they together started working on making Selenium more advance (also Called as Selenium 2) although in ThoughtsWorks Simon Stewart Continued on Working Selenium RC and developed a superior browser automation tool called WebDriver.

Then Jason Huggins from Google and Simon Stewart from ThoughtWorks combined there work and Selenium-Webdriver(also Called as Selenium 2) was Born.

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