Why the value square of Log2 not same when calculated manually? [on hold]

Good day,

I have a problem according to Log2[] towards to matrix element.

mu = Log2[{{2, Cos[Pi]}, {4, 3}}], 

The output mu I get are :

{{1, (I*Pi)/Log[2]}, {2, Log[3]/Log[2]}}. 

When I square the mu as below,

 squaremu = (Log2[{{2, Cos[Pi]}, {4, 3}}])^2, 

I get the output of squaremu;

{{1, -(Pi^2/Log[2]^2)}, {4, Log[3]^2/Log[2]^2}} 

Then I convert output to number by putting //N as below;

N[{{1, -(Pi^2/Log[2]^2)}, {4, Log[3]^2/Log[2]^2}}] 

I get the final result as

{{1., -20.5423}, {4., 2.51211}} 

My problem:

1.what is exactly the value of Pi here? As I know, the value is 3.142. The result of -20.5423 is not same as I calculate manually=108.9414.

2.Why when we do the Log2 towards (-1) it become


where the Pi come from?

Please help me.Thank you


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