Why Windows administrative shares allows to create folder and add data to all domain users?

I have got a problem with shares on my Windows 2008 R2 server : All shares including administratives shares as c$ allows all users to create data and create folders.

I have tried to reset permissions on my shares with the icacls tool by doing something like icacls C:\SHARE /reset

With no any permission, the effective permissions always shows : "Create folder/add data" for all domain account. So, I have tested it with some accounts to confirm that... Yes it works...

The icacls output on a share (using icacls C:\SHARE):

C:\SHARE AUTORITE NT\System:(I)(OI)(CI)(F)      BUILTIN\Administrators:(I)(OI)(CI)(F)      BUILTIN\Utilisators:(I)(OI)(CI)(RX)      BUILTIN\Utilisators:(I)(CI)(AD)      BUILTIN\Users:(I)(CI)(WD)      CREATEUR PROPRIETAIRE:(I)(OI)(CI)(IO)(F) 

I have searched any similar problems but I have found only the opposite.

Clients used are Windows 7.

If someone knows how to troubleshoot that, it would be nice to help me.


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