Why would Esc-p or Ctrl-p not work in one terminal but work in all the others?

Somehow, when I start my X session in Ubuntu 16.04, I get an xterm window with 6 tabs and they all works as expected except for the last tab. That one loses the Esc-p / Ctrl-p.

Since it works in the other 5 tabs, my idea would be that's because it is the last tab. At the same time, if I close that tab and reopen a new one, that new one works as expected.

That xterm window gets opened automatically whenever I open my X session.

Another thing that does not work either is Ctrl-d. The first time I hit that one, I get a ^D in the console and it does not get killed.

As a side note, one thing that I do in my .bashrc is stty -ctlecho so I do not get the ^C all the time (which otherwise prevents me from using copy/paste!)

What could be going wrong?


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