Will Internet Explorer 11 become the bottleneck of web technologies? [on hold]

Internet Explorer has been the browser lacking the latest features of CSS and JavaScrip for a long time. If you need to support IE, you cannot use the latest CSS/JS technologies (at least not easily). Now that Microsoft has stopped developing new versions of IE and focusing on Edge, I'm wondering if IE11 will become the bottleneck of web technologies. I mean that currently we cannot use features that IE11 does not support and if IE is not updated anymore, it will never get those new features.

There are a couple of reasons for this fear. Edge is only available on Windows 10, making its possible amount of users relatively small. Furthermore, it even seems that many users of Windows 10 still prefer IE over Edge. Thus, if so many people keep using a browser which is not updated anymore and we still need to support it, will it start to slow down the adoption rate of new web technologies?


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