Windows 10: How to boot straight to desktop without ever seeing the "logging you now in" screen?

How to boot STRAIGHT to the desktop on Windows 10 WITHOUT ever seeing the "Logging you now in" screen?

This link removes the necessity for the password authenticication (check!)
This link for Win8 disables showing the login (check! but nothing changes on Win10!)

When Windows 10 boots, I still see twice (2 second counts) showing the login screen once (static background below) then automatically logging me in with the round "in progresss" circle dots animation.

That means screen fading effect from black "dos" into this useless screen, then fade out, and fading back in to the loading of the destop which all togeher takes 2 seconds and oh so ugly.

How to bypass seeing the login screens all together and going straight from the black dos screen to the desktop?

Bottom line: I don't want to ever see the logging screen during post! But how? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated. PS I dont want to use hacky third party programs, just in-Windows-10-solutions please that are safe and built in.

Windows 10: How to boot straight to desktop without ever seeing the "logging you now in" screen?

Before you start complaining about duplicate post, do your research!
Entirely different topic about the start menu
Entirely different topic for Windows 8 about skipping the GUI tiles

Nothing I have found online has solved my question!


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