windows 7, slow keyboard

I am using Windows 7. the keyboard requires appoximately 1 second of hold down before it sends the letter. the pc wil click once at the 1/2 second then at 1 second the letter will show up. I thought the keyboard was bad and I purchased a new one (usb) and the same thing happened. I pulled out an old ps/2 keyboard, and the same thing.
I booted the pc up and went into bios. the keyboard works fine there.

I tried unninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, no change

please advise


You may have turned on 'Slow Keys' or 'Filter Keys' by holding down Shift for a few seconds. Doublecheck Control Panel->Ease Of Access (last item)->Ease of Access Center->Change how your keyboard works. Then unclick 'Turn on Filter Keys'. You can also look in 'Set up Filter Keys' for related settings.

Change your keyboard properties.

windows 7, slow keyboard

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