Windows/IIS Hosted WordPress Website Randomly Drops Connections

Let me start by saying that I am a Software Engineer, not a Network/SysAdmin/Hardware guy, but, on a small team, I have frequently been tasked with setting up Web Servers.

I recently setup/configured an Intranet WordPress website running on a Windows 2012 Virtual Server.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Memory (RAM): 6.00 GB System Type: 64-bit PHP: 5.6.20 MySQL: 5.7.12 WordPress: 4.5.3 (although this same issue occurred before upgrading from 4.4.1)

The website runs fine for the most part, but, somewhat randomly, requests will respond with "This site can't be reached"/"ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" in Google Chrome.

My first guess was that IIS was restarting and/or resetting itself, because when I looked in the IIS logs, I see that the log header info is added right after the time that the issue is reported.

I added an internal network monitor that performs an HTTP GET request, looking for a 200 Status OK response. Over the past couple of days, I've noticed that the majority of the monitor alerts are happening in the morning. This is leading me to believe that this issue is related to the number of users hitting the site, since all users have this intranet site set as their default homepage, and I imagine many of them are opening their browser soon after they login to their PCs. How can I confirm this?

Any other thoughts as to why this is happening?


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