Wrapping text around Tikz picture

I have problem with wrapping text around my tikz picture. The text pushes the picture down on the left side. The right side of the picture is just white blank space. Here is the code I am using:

\documentclass[10pt]{article} \usepackage{pgf,tikz} \usepackage{mathrsfs} \usetikzlibrary{arrows} \pagestyle{empty} \begin{document}     \definecolor{ffxfqq}{rgb}{1.,0.4980392156862745,0.}     \definecolor{ffqqqq}{rgb}{1.,0.,0.}     \definecolor{ttzzqq}{rgb}{0.2,0.6,0.}     \definecolor{ffvvqq}{rgb}{1.,0.3333333333333333,0.}     \definecolor{qqqqff}{rgb}{0.,0.,1.}     \definecolor{ccqqqq}{rgb}{0.8,0.,0.}     \definecolor{qqwuqq}{rgb}{0.,0.39215686274509803,0.}     \definecolor{cqcqcq}{rgb}{0.7529411764705882,0.7529411764705882,0.7529411764705882} \begin{wrapfigure}{l}         \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=5.0][line cap=round,line join=round,>=triangle 45,x=1.0cm,y=1.0cm]         \draw [color=cqcqcq,, xstep=0.2cm,ystep=0.5cm] (-0.1,-0.2) grid (1.01,1.9);         \draw[->,color=black] (-0.1,0.) -- (1.01,0.);         \foreach \x in {,0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.}         \draw[shift={(\x,0)},color=black] (0pt,2pt) -- (0pt,-2pt) node[below] {\footnotesize $\x$};         \draw[->,color=black] (0.,-0.2) -- (0.,1.9);         \foreach \y in {,0.5,1.,1.5}         \draw[shift={(0,\y)},color=black] (2pt,0pt) -- (-2pt,0pt) node[left] {\footnotesize $\y$};         \clip(-0.1,-0.2) rectangle (1.01,1.9);         \draw[line width=1.2pt,color=qqwuqq,smooth,samples=100,domain=-0.1:1.01] plot(\x,{(\x)*(1.0-(\x))});         \draw[line width=1.2pt,color=ccqqqq,smooth,samples=100,domain=-0.1:1.01] plot(\x,{4.0*(\x)*(1.0-(\x))^(2.0)});         \draw[line width=1.2pt,color=qqqqff,smooth,samples=100,domain=-0.1:1.01] plot(\x,{9.0*(\x)*(1.0-(\x))^(3.0)});         \draw[line width=1.2pt,color=ffvvqq,smooth,samples=100,domain=-0.1:1.01] plot(\x,{16.0*(\x)*(1.0-(\x))^(4.0)});         \draw [color=ttzzqq](0.18243947642766176,0.3440435383967781) node[anchor=north west] {$\mathbf{n=1}$};         \draw [color=ffqqqq](0.16216842349125493,0.7017667929520731) node[anchor=north west] {$\mathbf{ n=2}$};         \draw [color=qqqqff](0.10058496467045104,1.1070148535690674) node[anchor=north west] {$\mathbf{n=3}$};         \draw [color=ffxfqq](0.06083458820803932,1.4072463768115956) node[anchor=north west] {$\mathbf{n=4}$};         \draw[color=cyan, line width=1.2pt,smooth,samples=100,domain=-0.1:1.01] plot(\x,{25.0*(\x)*(1.0-(\x))^(5.0)});         \draw [color=cyan](0.08687594115602958,1.7874779000541237) node[anchor=north west] {$\mathbf{n=5}$};         \begin{scriptsize}         \draw[color=qqwuqq] (-1.3436812232132522,-3.245895724337) node {$f$};         \draw[color=ccqqqq] (-0.3793582763813274,-3.245895724337) node {$g$};         \draw[color=qqqqff] (-0.17085601760685717,-3.245895724337) node {$h$};         \draw[color=ffvvqq] (-0.09266767056643087,-3.245895724337) node {$p$};         \draw[color=black] (-0.049229699988416246,-3.245895724337) node {$r$};         \end{scriptsize}         \end{tikzpicture} \end{wrapfigure}     \end{document} 


Adding {0pt}as the last argument of wrapfigure works:

Wrapping text around Tikz picture

Here your code with pgfplots, which can be used to customize axis ( ticks, grid, labels, legends, .....) simply with key=value syntax.




 \pgfplotsset{width=7cm,height=9cm,plotstyle/.style={line width=1.2pt,smooth,samples=100,domain=-0.05:1.01}} 


 xmin=0, xmax=1,
 axis lines=middle,
 xlabel style={below},
 ylabel style={left}]
  \addplot[plotstyle,color1] {(x)*(1.0-(x))}node[pos=0.4,above,font=\footnotesize]{$n=1$};
  \addplot[plotstyle,color2] {4.0*(x)*(1.0-(x))^(2.0)}node[pos=0.46,above,font=\footnotesize]{$n=2$};
  \addplot[plotstyle,color3] {9.0*(x)*(1.0-(x))^(3.0)}node[pos=0.53,above,font=\footnotesize]{$n=3$};
  \addplot[plotstyle,color4] {16.0*(x)*(1.0-(x))^(4.0)}node[pos=0.575,above,font=\footnotesize]{$n=4$};
  \addplot[plotstyle,color5] {25.0*(\x)*(1.0-(\x))^(5.0)}node[pos=0.61,above,font=\footnotesize]{$n=5$};




Wrapping text around Tikz picture

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