xmodmap ALT TAB doesn't work with new ALT_L key

I edited ~/.Xmodmap to set keycode 118 to Control_L, so that I have the same functionality for CTRL on both sides of Space. See line 2:

xmodmap ALT TAB doesn't work with new ALT_L key

However, when I test it with "xbindkeys -k", I see that the old CTRL (the left one) is actually "Control + Control_L", which I cannot set in .Xmodmap. It compains when I try to set it as "Control + Control_L".

xmodmap ALT TAB doesn't work with new ALT_L key

Right now I the right control doesn't behave a standard control (I cannot do CTRL + F, for example).

I have no use for Control_R. I just want both Ctrl keys to act as the left one.

How can I set the key that sends a scancode that is interpreted as keycode 118 act as the the left CTRL (which is actually interpreted asd m:0x4 + c:37)? I can't figure out the xbindkeys syntax for ~/.xbindkeysrc, which I guess is what I have to do, because I think xmodmap can't bind a key to a combination of keysyms.

Somehow I got the controls working:

In ~/.Xmodmap I put:

remove control = Control_L keycode 118 = Control_L add control = Control_L 

Now I have an issue with the Alt_L modifier - ALT+TAB doesn't work.

Output of xmodmap -pke:

keycode  64 = Alt_L ISO_Next_Group Alt_L ISO_Next_Group 

I put

remove mod1 = Alt_L keycode  94 = Alt_L ISO_Next_Group Alt_L ISO_Next_Group add mod1 = Alt_L" 

, but ALT+TAB doesn't work. It switches to 1 other program and then back to the first one. It doesn't show the menu at all.

Output of xmodmap -pm:

xmodmap ALT TAB doesn't work with new ALT_L key


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